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Q: Hi, just wondering is it 10x magnification, as the description describes?

Задавает Johadart на 2023-01-31 01:43:41

The seller You can consult online customer service https://www.banggood.com/Contact-Us_hi111

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Q: could I get a schematic for this kit please? thanks

Задавает R.b. McBrayer IV на 2018-04-17 05:04:38

Johadart The only thing I know, there aren’t no schematics, but if you look into the description, you’ll find where , what parts need to be placed where.. hope that helps 🤙🏼🇦🇺

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Q: How does this product work

Задавает zigham на 2022-08-29 01:57:01

Johadart Like sending Morse code. Nice little kit to put together.. 🤙🏼🇦🇺

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Q: what functions does the display show? Amps? Watts? Battery Type?

Задавает BG103471041 на 2022-11-02 07:54:37

Johadart All of the above, friend, just set it up per the instructions 🤙🏼🇦🇺

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Q: is this USB-C or micro-usb

Задавает neomathew777 на 2020-08-13 05:39:02

Johadart Micro usb friend.. works great though

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Johadart The maximum is rated at 1200x , if you read the specifications, I hope this helps … you’ll need an expensive microscope to do that..

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Q: can i get one sample?

Задавает amsinu на 2021-09-28 01:07:45

Johadart They sound pretty awesome, and the bass is awesome, so watching movies with these is terrific.. 🤙🏼

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