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Q: Will this work with the ToolKit RC M6D?

Задавает BG251717122 на 2021-01-31 05:13:09

qurlson Yes, I had both devices and used them together. M6D compatible with power supply up to 28v

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Q: Will the ufl LHCP version of this antenna fit my cinelog 35 hd?

Задавает paddyo68 на 2022-11-02 02:20:15

qurlson Yes, l want use it for cinelog35

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Q: posso montare questi motori su cinelog25?

Задавает Lore_IT на 2022-08-26 04:20:03

qurlson Motor have 12x12 mount holes

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Q: can I mount these on a 5 inch frame ?

Задавает BG355712171 на 2022-09-10 04:31:16

qurlson You can use 5 ınch prop, but motor have 12x12 mm mount holes, standart 250mm frame have 16x16 mm mount

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