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StickG Turn off wifi completely Turn on drone first let it go through the startup beeps then turn on controller is should connect with 3 beeps and the left light on controller solid - turn on wifi connect then start app ( if you have wifi on it will connect to that before you calibrate to controller and gets confusing best to have it off until your site it’s connected to controller)

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Q: 52km/h a 8cm toy??

Задавает sapo на 2020-10-19 08:44:50

StickG 15 Kph in description (they must of fixed)

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StickG I want to purchase but also not sure I have X110 Blast Radio but read you need the XK130 radio as it has different firmware? Can some one verify?

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Q: Make the UZ65 pro ... add the Australian flag please

Задавает StickG на 2020-07-19 01:40:44

BG551538162 Nah, There's already a UK version.

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Q: esta versión es la que cuenta con GPS y brushless??

Задавает BG563254185 на 2020-12-02 09:39:45

StickG I found it’s best to turn wifi off and then calibrate to transmitter then turn wifi on and connect the app The camera connection is hit and miss close when you get further away it gets better RTH works better than my Hubsans It holds its ground good but cam doesn’t keep still Brushless motors are good a punch out is slow at first then it rips lol

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