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cwilletts Yes it’s just a self adhesive, thick paper or thin card. It’s not fire retardant or heat resistant as such but will not melt like a standard wrap on a cell. If welding or soldering cels together using wire or nickel, it is easy to short circuit at the edges of the positive end. These prevent that. They also prevent the plastic wrap from meting at the top and Shorting out a pack when the current makes the nickel too hot

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Petiii laptops mostly have msata and or sata connectors only. for specialized details look up the reference documentation of your laptop.

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Q: is it possible to use it as webcam?

Задавает Chandrajeet Singh на 2019-04-02 06:20:19

Petiii it has only PAL a/v output, it wont fit as webcam, and for security cam also not the best choice.

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Q: Are they only pure speakers or containing oscillator, too?

Задавает Petiii на 2019-05-08 08:55:17

MaryMa this is ultrasonic transmitter rat mosquito repellent speaker

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Vivacious There is 1pc led in the package.

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