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Q: what remote control can I buy to make it work? and how do I connect it?

Задавает BG220411465 на 2021-12-27 04:15:49

charly5r anything control but must buy the receiver for these control. i bouhgt eschine tc16s and radiomaster r81 receiver

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Q: will these fit a bugs three pro?

Задавает petrolhead на 2019-01-23 09:09:36

charly5r i dont know. you have see you wide measure axle. 5mm will work good

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charly5r puedes comprar cualquier controller pero deberas de comprar tambien el receptor apropiado. de lo contrario solo funcionara con controller dji. yo lo voy a usar con un controller eachine que es similar al radiomaster. tambien he comprado el receptor de eachine por poco dinero y tendre que soldarlo a la placa controladora de vuelo

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Q: will this work with taranis qx7?

Задавает Daryl Jotic на 2020-06-26 11:47:25

charly5r funciona con cualquier emisora pero antes hay que instalar un receptor

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