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Lazaros Can you please advise how to get to the secret menu and how you got the steering wheel controls to work?

drageloth 20/01/2021
After working on it for a week, it's time to review the Radio. The radio doesn't have fast bootup, so everytime the device starts, it takes about 30 seconds to fully boot. Devices with fast boot do it in 1.5s. Performance is okay, I wouldn't say it's fast nor slow. When opening GPS apps (google maps, iGO etc) the device shows it has a medium processor. On other tasks (Radio, BT music, phone) it works as it should and switches fast. On a Facelift E46 with the sport steering wheel (2005 model), the wheel keys do not work. In fact, it didn't work at all, until I went to a secret menu and set the Canbus dongle to VW. It does the job now, though the keys are not in order (Volume keys work as normal, previous track button now is the mute, next track opens phone etc). I will order the IBus dongle so it will work as normal and integrate with the car, but it's an extra 50$ for a device that is designed for an E46 and states it works out-of-the-box. Sound settings seem better than the factory one, music sounds the same, although you can tweak as you want. Also has outputs for Subwoofers etc so upscaling your sound will be easy. Wifi coverage is terrible. Using hotspot from my phone at 1m distance, it had 4/5 bars signal(Mi 9T Pro) In the next few days I will install a backup camera and test that too and report back about quality and speed. Delivery was fast (DHL). If I were to do it again, I would get a faster one with smaller lcd bezels. But for the price it's a decent radio. 4/5 stars is only for the price/performance.
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Q: How can I connect buttons from steering wheel with the multi-media screen?

Задавает BG223757133 на 2020-11-25 05:46:18

Lazaros There’s a canbus decoder box. It does it automatically

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Q: How can I store the radio channels?

Задавает BG254923375 на 2021-03-07 12:52:19

Lazaros Long press on channels found

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Q: Does it support DTV? OBD? TPMS? DAB??

Задавает Lazaros на 2021-05-24 07:11:52

puppy DTV: External DVB-T (Support,Not included),DAB: External (Support,Not included)

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