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droneXcursion 1700kv for a 6s build is just about right for 5" props. depending on the props, you'll hit almost 100 mph. 1700kv motors on a 4s build will be considerably less powerful, but still flyable. a good option for getting slower, smoother cinematic footage. you can certainly get a little more RPM from higher kv motors, but not sure it's necessary unless you are just doing speed runs.

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Q: Sarà possibile inserire il logo personalizzato?

Задавает Viki007 на 2018-11-28 05:16:31

droneXcursion maybe if you are able to hack it, but it's not designed to let you change the logo.

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Q: Plug in balancer wrong, will it fry/burn ?

Задавает Cre8ionz на 2019-09-11 03:37:58

droneXcursion no, it won't fry anything. no problem. 👍

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Q: I have BAD LCD. How can i get replacement display LCD ???

Задавает Bang00d на 2020-07-11 06:27:22

droneXcursion it's only $14. probably not worth the time or $ to try to replace the LCD. just get another one. but what do I know..

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Q: My esc work great at 5s, but at 6s Goin too hot and stop working! Only mine?

Задавает Viki007 на 2019-08-23 11:44:20

droneXcursion same here.. bought it because it's supposed to support up to 8s, but overheats and fails on 6s. haven't even bothered trying it on 8s. I have 4 of these unfortunately and they all have the same flaw. weird, because the 50a version of this esc works great on 6s. I've used the 50a versions for years with no problems.

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