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Q: Please, Which driver board recomended for this display?

Задавает Josema8 на 2020-07-27 09:06:37

wanee support 1024*600

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Q: does this came with a board? can I use it with raspberry pi 4 B?

Задавает thehellboy на 2020-07-10 12:03:37

Josema8 No, you will need a driver board. Can't connect direct on a Raspberry Pi.

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Q: is it waterproof?

Задавает Amorfos на 2019-03-01 09:13:19

Josema8 It's waterproof if you don't forget to seal connections. Surface of the cell is waterproof, but not the part below. Apply silicon or something to seal the wiring and naked soldering spots.

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Josema8 29/01/2018
The bag is smaller than it seems, and the multiple interior cushions even let less space for your stuff. More than for carrying stuff, this bag seems more adequate for carrying photographic equipment, so this will seem small if you want this for your sport clothing and towel and so on. The sides are small expandable baga, one made out of mesh and other made out of water resistant closed nylon (I don't know why aren't both of them of water splash resistant closed nylon...). Theory is this is water repelant, but a rain cover would have been a good idea. Anyway, the sides have a hang and an elastic in the case you want to unfold and keep them hold on side without "flapping" as you move or take a curve. Not of much storage capacity, but I can't take more on my 16" bike, so I can't complain. The center storage unfolds somehow to expand the capacity, but only one side giving the "V" shape to your bag. More profitable space would be got if this expanded both sides, but well. It fits firmly by two velcro that hold on the rear bike rack and by a belt that holds on your saddle tube. This even has a belt so you can wear this bag on your shoulder when not on the bike. VERY IMPORTANT, I miss a belt or something on rear to hold the rear light, because the bag can block your actual rear light and you don't have where to place this! A reflective band is not enough to see or be seen at night or dawn... Otherwise, this fits very cool on my 16" tiny electric bike and I am happy with the product. Perhaps a little bit expensive for what it is, but really I can't find anything to complaint about. The order came in 20 days, that's not bad taking into account how randomly products from Banggood can take 10 days or 2 months to arrive to you...
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