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Q: can it handle a 4s HV lipo??

Задавает Velma на 2019-08-20 04:29:15

ibusnawi Be careful that this drone can behave erratically! I ordered one with on board Flysky receiver. Haven't got a chance to check in detail of the Betaflight configuration except binding and changing vtx power to 25mW. First trial at home, it shot up upon arming, and hit the ceiling! Was thinking it's a one-off situation and did a trial this morning in an open field. Again, upon arming, it shot up quite high around 10m but was able to control shortly afterwards. A couple of disarming/arming were happening normally. But the next one was a horror! It shot up very high and kept on climbing without me being able to control at all! Until I lost sight of it and it's gone forever. I have a video footage on it recorded from my goggle. I believe it's a malfunction of the FC board from HappyModel. I have submitted my complaint via Banggood and waiting for an answer. Please be very careful again when buying this product.

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