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Q: 6500K or 5700K?

Задавает Hardusvd70 на 2020-07-13 02:46:39

BG459334119 What do you guys mean 6500k or 5700k, what are you talking about?

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Q: is this original?

Задавает BG204314885 на 2020-11-16 02:04:10

Hardusvd70 Yes it is. I got one.

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BG523255511 Stehtin der Beschreibung.

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Q: Is it forward clicky? And how does mode memory work?

Задавает Jholman на 2020-09-17 02:19:32

Hardusvd70 Full press turn on. Half presses to move from low, medium and high. Mode memory is the last mode you used when you switch on with single click. Turbo is not memorized for gen 1. XT45 Gen 2 will have different modes groups. Select the group you want. Mine was on group 1 which only give high level output when half toggle the switch when I received it from Banggood. Please see there web site how to change the groups on your flashlight. Can be change from group 1 up to group 5.Website:amutorch.com/products/amutorch-xt45-5500lumens691mluminus-sbt-90g2-ledsst-40-led. Just add address in front of https.

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