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Q: How to disable the vibration. It is annoying and unnecessary

Задавает basetau на 2021-10-01 10:25:35

The seller Vibration is what bone conduction headphones are made of. Bone conduction is based on vibrations in the skull to pick up sound. I hope it brings you joy.

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Q: This plane has issues and often gut death spiral

Задавает basetau на 2021-10-17 06:28:38

Jay707 Flys well after you fix the rear stabilizer. otherwise you'll never get it flying straight

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Q: Is it compatible with R9m module

Задавает basetau на 2020-11-03 10:29:28

usapyon I checked with the R9M ACCST Flex, but it doesn't work properly. Binding is done.

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