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Q: does it work as an extender?

Задавает pouk на 2020-02-12 02:17:21

Vlad What is a extension thread size? M3, M4

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Q: When is it supposed to be back the stock?

Задавает tonifres на 2019-11-17 02:33:04

Vlad Today Nov 21st, and product page shows "processing time 12 hours" Same is on me back order page. Expecting date of shipping or Nov 22. Let's hope it will gone to all of us.

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Vlad sound like board orientation is wrong. check arrow on FC and if its corresponding in Betaflight configuration tab. check you props on quad and if you running regular or reverse prop orientation. I have three of this board. only issues I have is when I crash it and break it.

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