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    Very good product in my opinion. It deliver what it's intend to do.

    2017-07-13 16:58:33

    Very good product in my opinion. It deliver what it's intend to do, mainly for 3D printing beginners. The build instructions could be more detailed and sometimes you lose your step because the lack of information, but you got it working at the end of the day. Even so, it's a five stars from me.

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    Some Setup problems (with answers !)

    2017-07-11 05:02:59

    My first time building one of these and there were a couple of problems, most of which I overcame. I will post details in the Questions and Answers section. Approx 6 hours to build, another 6 to 8 to iron out the problems (so far!) , but you learn a lot along the way and this also allows you to locate and correct problems simply. The machine worked as soon as it was switched on (a major relief !). If there was a 6th star for value for money, this would get it !.



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