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  • 17/07/2024

    Item took only 7 days for delivery to Canada. I prefer this charger over others because it has a test mode which measures the discharge and recharge capacity of my batteries. It also is able to optimally charge them for long-term storage. I'm very happy with this order. Thanks!

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  • 07/04/2024

    This is a good and versatile charger. Below I'll give some additional info you won't find in the user manual. 1) Short touch any key to turn on the backlight. It will stay on for 30 seconds, then it will automatically turn off. 2) Long touch the Current key until the beep tone stops. This will turn on the backlight permanently. Repeat this two times to turn the backlight off. 3) The charging process of Li-ion batteries will will be terminated at 4.22V but the display shows 4.20V. This is +0.48%, barely within the usual tolerance of +/-0.5% given for other chargers. I wish it were closer to 4.20V. Other pieces of this type may vary. 4) In Discharge and Test modes Li-ion batteries will be discharged to 2.82V. This is no problem with the charger, this is the usual way to test capacity but not so good for the battery. So don't use these features too often! My personal opinion is that the max. discharge current of 500mA is too small, it takes 15+ hours to test a 5000mAh battery. This is way too long, I miss an option for 1000mA discharge current. On the other hand you don't test batteries even on a weekly basis, so you can let the charger take its time. 5) Disconnect the USB input cable to enter USB power bank mode. The device draws 150mA from the battery in standby mode, including the backlight, which is always on in this mode. With a load of ca. 1300mA it draws 2A from a full battery. At first glance it may seem bad efficiency but it is not because the 4V battery drives a boost converter to produce the 1300mA at 5V. This requires ca. 1625mA from the battery, plus the 150mA standby current. So the efficiency of the boost converter is 1625/(2000-150) = 87%. This is very good. All in all, this is an excellent product, very good value for your money. Highly recommended!

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