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  • 11/11/2019

    The quality of materials is good, tailoring is neat. Bought a size 3XL, but unfortunately I was a little girl. 3XL corresponds to the normal European XL. The elements heat up quickly, in about 5-7 minutes, to a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. The consumption current in the maximum temperature mode is 1.36 A. there Are three temperature adjustment modes.

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  • 20/11/2019

    Αξίζει για τα χρήματα που κάνει. Είμαι 1.91 και το XXXL είναι τέλειο μέγεθος.

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  • 23/04/2020

    Könnyű kabát. Vízálló, "paplan" varott , megfelelő vastag mellény. A belső zseb mérete 9x10 cm -es power banknak felel meg. Világító kacsoló. 3 fokozat állítható be. Takarékos módban elég meleget ad. Minimum 10000mAh power bank szülséges. Hideg időben jól hazsnálható. 4XL méert megfelel: magasság: 176cm, mellbőség: 122cm. testsúly: 89kg.

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  • 13/01/2021

    Прибыл без повреждений. Качество хорошее, отопление работает хорошо. Единственное, что я не большой поклонник, это сильный химический / пластиковый запах, но это должно уйти быстро, если жилет носить или держать вентиляции. IMPORTANT РАЗМЕРЫ ИНФОРМАЦИЯ: если вы ЕС размер L размер заказа 3XL. Размеры, кажется, меньше на 3 класса.

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  • 19/11/2019


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  • 06/11/2019

    This vest has three temperature settings controlled by a push button at the upper left. Temperatures cycle between low, medium and high indicated by a white, blue or red led. There is no off choice, the vest must be unplugged from the power source to turn it off. The vest draws 1.4 amps at 5 volts. Temperature is controlled by pulsing the power on and off. Pulses are at about two second intervals for low, one second for medium and continuously on for high. The vest is made of a slightly elastic, rubberized material which feels something like a diver's wet suit. It is lined with a soft, plush like material. This is the first zippered garment in my experience with the zipper pull on the left. It works normally, but feels clumsy to use. On a 27 degree (F, -3C) morning, I wore an undershirt, the vest, a heavy shirt, and a light nylon windbreaker in that order. I could not wear the vest over the shirt as it was too small. I am 5' 11" (180 cm) tall, weigh 190 pounds (86 kg) and have a 36" (92 cm) waistline. Although I ordered the largest (3X) size available, it lacks 2" (5 cm) to close easily over just a undershirt. Being somewhat elastic, it will zip up, but fits me very snugly. However, it is not uncomfortable although snug. I would be afraid to try to zip it while wearing it over my shirt for fear of damaging the internal wiring. At the lowest setting I was quite comfortable while walking. If I stopped, I would be conscious of the vest's warm areas; when moving, I didn't notice them. An hour later and after sunrise I became overwarm. I would estimate that the air temperature was up to 34 F (1 C) and I unplugged the power source. About 20 minutes later, I became overwarm again - the vest is a good insulator. I had to unzip it to remain comfortable. How this vest will hold up in regular use remains to be seen. However, it works very well.. Recommended as an excellent value IF CARE IS TAKEN IN SELECTING SIZE.

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  • SamVIP4

    got the heated vest on time the quality is fine, but has one little problem its again too small 3xl is more like 1xl, but all is not lost as I'll take to bits and remove the heating sections and reuse them, as I said there is nothing wrong its just the sizing, mind as it's made in China what do expect they think the rest of the world is small like themselves, it's time the manufacturers started living in the real world and get there sizing correct as as a 3xl is not a 1xl. in the photos is a large shopping bag from our local supermarket and as you see the 3xl vest is the same size as the shopping bag.

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  • 15/10/2019

    tested feeling hot very good product recommend go for it

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  • 16/11/2020

    Спасибо большое, что доставили жилет. Красивый, хорошо сделанный жилет, но, к сожалению, я не могу его использовать, потому что он не работает. Я пытаюсь использовать 12000mAh банк питания или сеть с USB. Он ни на что не реагирует и не хочет нагреваться. Что я могу сделать? Помогите мне, пожалуйста!

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  • 06/02/2020

    Прибыл в течение 55 дней в Румынию. продукт хорошо сделано, функционально. Отапливаемые участки, как описано, но небольшие (3 пальца длиной - см. снимки). Один из них находится за правым карманом, где вы должны подключить ягодку так немного тепло для него. Я заказал размер XxxL и он подходит мне, но хорошо (я ношу его с рубашкой и свитером под). У меня 1,72 м в высоту и 86 кг. в целом это хороший продукт

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