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mustangdude 02/01/2021
I just received the ZOHD Drift FVP with a 2s 3500ma battery (Dec 2020). I'm new to flying fixed wing and have basic drone skills. I find this model to be great for beginners, mainly because stability mode is so easy. I've crashed it three times badly in the first 15 minutes of use but all have been my error. I taped the wings and tips but also would recommend taping the nose as mine has cracked through with the bad crashes. My large battery is not what I would recommend, it doesn't lay flat in the fuselarge so I couldn't velcro it in place, it sits loose and could be partly the blame for my nose damage. It's capacity lasts for ever but a smaller battery like a 2s 1300 would be fine and make it easier to fly possibly with less weight. I find the factory CG positions to be correct but the large battery has to be back as far as it can go. Auto launch is great as everybody else states. Banggood delivery to Australia is satisfactory during these covid times and around Christmas too. Check my maiden flights on youtube chanel, Mustangdude...search ZOHD Drift. See in my pics, the tail horizontal is not perfectly aligned with the wings, this is common and didn't affect my beginner flying or the planes attitude in the air, it may not be acceptable to the advanced flyers though and can be fixed apparently.
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  • BG504828132 Hi,I have a question. I'm new to this btw. I also have a heavy battery, but wouldn't putting the battery in the back make the plane tail heavy? I tried that, and my drift just keeps stalling and it's impossible to fly. Shouldn't I then put the battery way up front instead? Thanks.

    Ответить 22/03/2021
  • Omied Hello,i also have the problem that the tail wing has not the same angle then the main wing.
    but i don6t know which part is glued wrong. did you somehow solved your problem?
    i thought maybe to try to loosen the small ring around the stick which goes in the main cabin part.
    this ring i maybe could loosen with a hot air gun or so? Any adwise would be appreciatet. thank you and stay healthy. Omid

    Ответить 13/06/2021
  • niczo Hi,i have a question. Which receiver do you use for Flysky transmitter?

    Ответить 16/10/2021
  • BG033214322 move the battery forward until you can use 2fingers to balance the craft over the wings. Put your fingers under the center of the wing and achieve level balance.

    Ответить 28/10/2021
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