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dr_vre 05/09/2020
One of the 3 Redmi Note 8 Pros bought at Banggood's Summer Prime Sale. Shipped through EU Priority Line, delivered in exactly 3 weeks from the order date, wrapped in the big bubble envelope, safe and undamaged, at the door. 18W quick charger included. Currently one of the best sold smartphones. Came with MIUI 11 Global, upgraded to MIUI 12 Global. The phone is gorgeous, the service from Banggood - excellent. If you need a phone, Banggood is the place to go - bought 5 phones here in the last year, for family and friends, every time everything went great and without any problems.
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  • BG191315461 Hi using EU priority there is no other local tax? Enjoy your phone!

    Ответить 22/04/2021
  • dr_vre No taxes using EU Priority Line, they are being taken care of by Banggood. Delivered by a local courier company at the door, not by the national postal operator.

    Ответить 27/04/2021
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