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sleep 2018-08-22 05:39:25
It is a very versatile tiny camera - it can act as a USB webcam, as a USB card reader, record when motion is detected, put timestamps on the video, as well as record at night. The quality is, of course, far from what you'd get from the high-end action cams (in fact, the difference between 1080p and 720p modes is hardly noticeable with this cam - the limitation is in the sensor already). However, these are still great for keeping personal video memories (there were times when people were perfectly happy with VHS tapes, after all, and these were way worse in quality). The control of the camera is rather contrived - you have to push the two buttons in various ways to switch between the various modes, so make sure you read the manual carefully. The camera attempts to act "stealthy" and switches *off* all the LEDs in any of the recording modes (including motion detection). This is super confusing at the start. The way of setting the time via a TIMEREST.txt file on the SD camera is also somewhat unusual. The camera comes with a set of attachments, which look flimsy - those may be good for attaching the cam statically onto the wall, but won't hold on if you put them onto anything which moves for filming "action". The waterproof case, on the other hand, is quite sturdy and well made. The camera is cheaper and smaller in size than the Hawkeye Firefly yet the video quality is kind-of similar.
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