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Q: How can this be waterproof with so many holes (microphone / speaker) in it?

Задавает mainframe на 2020-05-31 18:02:18

ouxinke Waterproof settings are made inside the camera

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Q: What program card works on the esc (120a) of the JLB Cheetah?

Задавает mainframe на 2019-02-24 11:07:41

Chymiferous Hobbywing program card,product id is 919972

2019-03-06 03:19:09 полезный (1)
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Q: How many amps can the centerboard handle?

Задавает mainframe на 2018-08-29 21:34:25

Heat 30-40A

2018-09-04 01:17:23 полезный (0)
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Q: why can i only order 3? bit pointless if you're trying to build a quad

Задавает mainframe на 2018-08-07 14:46:27

AbsurSpew Have tested, it is available to buy 4 PCS. You can try again. If also can not, recommend you ask for Online CService. They can help you check your account. Or you can buy this one directly. https://ww... Просмотреть более

2018-08-17 02:05:49 полезный (0)
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