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Q: Which FlySky micro receiver is compatible?

Задавает SUPERSAM на 2020-02-03 09:08:22

AMR no, it won't work with Flysky "original" receivers - have to use third party (like Crossover XR602T) or with "inverter" - Flysky is using non-inverted sbus-ibus signal... tried with 3 original and 2 thirdparty, only Crossover works...

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Dave failsafecan be set on transmitter to "no pulse" and then set up in configurator to 'drop' instead of 'land' which sounds like your problem, .

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Q: What is the operating angle from end to end

Задавает SUPERSAM на 2020-08-29 05:46:01

zotm_Bigdogge Standard is 45 degrees either way.

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