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Q: what is the difference between bn220 and bn180. All specs look the same

Задавает hegne на 2019-08-02 01:43:20

Aris1914 180and200refers to size. bn180 is a bit smaller check the dimensions in the product description bn 180: 18mm*18mm*6mm bn220 : 22mm*20mm*6mm

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Q: 1- Does it work in Brazil? 2- How is the Global version different for Youth?

Задавает Emanuel Maia на 2019-08-01 11:53:25

Aris1914 haveto connect your account to china mainland server to get this work

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Q: What diameter motor and propeller is this for?

Задавает mike.chri91 на 2019-08-01 05:58:29

Aris1914 65mmmotors

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