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Q: How long it will works with a 10000mah powerbank at minimum and maximum level?

Задавает Exileden на 2019-11-17 05:33:40

BG144716181 I had a 20,000 on full high I get about 8 hours max. and at med I get 10~11 hours and low i get roughly close to 16

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BG144716181 it's a portable power supply that has a usb port that you can carry with you. you can use it to charge small devices such as phones wireless headphones speakers. or anything that uses a usb plug to charge a device.

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Q: Does it include some pump or do you ask som compatible pump?

Задавает jonassaxon на 2019-03-02 04:20:31

ChristianGonzalez @Andrej rados please shut the fuck up this clearly isnt for deep diving at all... at most 10 feet give or take this isnt a replacement tank. fucken dumb millennial

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Ado oh, maybe you should contact the customer service for exact answer.

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