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Q: guys it is completely metal, right? including black edges/parts?

Задавает majesty91 на 2019-07-12 03:54:58

chopper4078 rodends and lower threaded insert is plastic the rest is all metal

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majesty91 15/03/2021
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Q: guys can it be used with a spindle motor as a cnc?

Задавает majesty91 на 2020-12-27 04:34:09

BG215682512 WhyI cannot access Reviews, Questions and other sections for particular products? The waiting (spinning) icon stays there forever. Is it intentional? Just to block me or everybody? Why? How others able to query their questions?

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Q: guys please tell me foam inside or not?

Задавает majesty91 на 2019-09-15 06:34:42

daolcer Yes,there is foam inside.

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