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an_triantaf Yes it can but you will monitor it only locally via your HDMI monitor. If you put HD inside you will also have 24h recording option.

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Q: what's better: x1 or c21

Задавает BG413251155 на 2022-03-27 12:09:39

an_triantaf I 've got X1 but C21 if it is at the same price looks more impressive at the way it presents the measurements via its coloured screen!

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Q: where can I find the manual of the product ?

Задавает an_triantaf на 2020-02-15 04:31:09

Chuk_XP You can find it with google search or at sonoff official site.

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Q: how long is the power cable?

Задавает roryod на 2021-06-27 08:31:10

an_triantaf quite short. DC cable from camera about 30cm and from power pack 40cm. If you want to extend it try the 230V side .

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Q: just want to make sure it can measure DC amps with the clamp jaws?

Задавает Carwashmec на 2021-05-15 03:36:05

an_triantaf Yes it can. I don't know the principle of DC measurement without interrupting the circuit however it is done with accuracy !

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Q: Hello, is it p2p?

Задавает CARLOS_ANYOSA на 2021-04-25 08:33:51

an_triantaf It's an ONVIF protocol camera. It does not support P2P and DDNS.

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Q: does it work with yhe tuya app.

Задавает hauman на 2021-02-23 01:37:19

an_triantaf It works with IiCSee android Application and with other generic Applications such as TinyCam provided that you port forward the ONVIF ports.

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Q: is it POE ? which android APP is using?

Задавает active123 на 2021-01-29 07:21:30

an_triantaf No. it is not POE. Has different socket for Power and network. Its APP is iCSee.

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