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Q: I need only Servo motor mounting bracket.. which is showed in above pictures.

Задавает homimalik48 на 2019-08-11 09:38:20

John A Sutherland There are STL files on Thingiverse.com to 3D print a better servo and Ultrasonic Transducer bracket. Tinkercad.com also has the same free files.

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John A Sutherland There was a strip of extra PCB on the front edge that needed to be removed for mounting the potentiometer flush. It already had a cut line in it so it broke off with a light bend using a set of pliers.

John A Sutherland 13/04/2021
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John A Sutherland Minewas this way too. Re-solder the back 3 pins and push it down. Potentiometer should be further out on the PCB so it can be attached to the front panel properly.

BG393715229 01/01/2021
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