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Q: the usb port make fast charging?

Задавает ArmenioD на 2020-05-14 08:07:53

BG453754016 Just normal,5v 2.1a

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Q: Can it be turned on manually (without the app)?

Задавает tcapristano на 2020-01-19 05:48:49

BG453754016 Can I use this socket outside in the balcony ?

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Q: is this australian plug? i am in australia

Задавает kenneth.duong на 2019-08-13 02:28:16

BG453754016 It is Chinese plug,you need an adapter

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Q: can I disable the lower sensor somehow? I don't need it and it annoys me.

Задавает Judic на 2020-02-06 01:25:27

BG453754016 It is simple,don’t pass your hand near to the lower sensor,that’s all

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Q: Can I put it in the fridge?

Задавает brenospm011 на 2020-01-15 07:06:23

nikosabc Yes you can ,but not inside the fridge,only outside on metal surface

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