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Q: What is the size width?

Задавает Yechiel sarig на 2020-11-05 06:04:45

StephenC63 The states size is 640mm x 5000mm or 64cm x 5 mtrs. Actual size of the roll I purchased is very consistent 642mm wide and the length was generously 5115mm long so I received an extra 115mm. I have unrolled the full roll and the colour consistency is excellent across the full width and length.

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Q: What size is manual trigger switch socket/plug ?

Задавает burgpet на 2020-09-09 01:48:15

StephenC63 Based on item photos (ordered one hasn't arrived yet) the size of the welder is 52 x 101mm (photo showing top with rulers), I have calculated that the jack is most likely a standard 3.5mm jack. Will update with an actual measurement once I have received the welder.

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