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Elisionite 04/06/2021
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Q: does this console support emulators for GameCube?

Задавает BG531133417 на 2021-08-27 01:21:29

Elisionite No, sadly you won't find any handheld emulators capable of playing Gamecube or PS2 games in this price range; still a few years away.

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Q: what is the lenght of the USB cable?

Задавает Ritche на 2021-07-06 06:59:38

Elisionite Around2 metres.

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Q: How many PSP games? How many DC games?

Задавает BG491347812 на 2021-07-27 05:33:23

Elisionite Veryfew, around 7 if memory serves; but you can always just download more - the ROM library MicroSD is FAT32 formatted, so assuming you're using a PC, it's as easy as slotting it in and copying your ROMs over directly.

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Q: does it support using cheats (gameshark, Action Replay, etc) ?

Задавает snnelwan на 2021-07-06 08:27:45

Elisionite Yes,seeing as most of the OS is just a frontend graphical interface - the core is still RetroArch, which has cheats, Slowmo, Speedup, Replay and heaps more nested functions like quick load and save states, etc.

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Elisionite No,sadly it's a random selection of ROMs from many different consoles - very playable mind - though some are Chinese rom hacks and have no scrapped info - my advice would be to flash the OS and build your own ROM library.

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