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Q: Where can I find correct nozzles, heaters and thermistors?

Задавает BG451854516 на 2021-07-14 05:01:56

B_L1996 normal V6 nozzles like Trianglelab and E3D (not MK8) heater just normal 6mm x 20mm cartridge the block is copper so you can use 60-70w heater even.. getting extreme temperatures and fast heating but for high temperature (>300) you NEED a PT100 or similar. for everything upto 300 you can use B3950 or E3D thermistor.

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B_L1996 if you took the block out of the sliders before installing it on the rail thats normal.. ALWAYS keep the block on the sliders and carefully slide it over onto the rail, this is normal for linear slider blocks.

RexathonMaximus 19/11/2021
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Q: Can i use this for my 36v 350 w motor

Задавает BG455351453 на 2021-04-22 02:28:54

B_L1996 It depends on the kit or motor, most 36v motors will NOT work with a 48V motor, it will maybe break! if you're lucky you only get an overvolt protection but don't risk it get a 36V battery

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