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Q: What are the included battery’s dimensions? Thanks.

Задавает Daniel на 2021-10-11 01:26:24

Gugman I have not received mine yet but if the3200mah battery is the same length as the 5000mah batteries in the EX-07 it might be 140mm long and 45mm wide. I can let you know when I have got mine shortly as I have only just ordered one a few days ago and Banggood are already sending these questions to me.

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Gugman It might not be able to as I can not find any details about it. You should probably get a motor that can and sell the stock one to somebody who needs a replacement for theirs.

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Q: does it fit to xinlehong 9125???

Задавает BG171749414 на 2021-10-07 10:32:56

Gugman No it would not fit as it is a larger size in length by 9mm. Just get the 9125 differential as they are available to buy an original or full metal upgraded one.

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Q: will this work with HB ZP 1001? are they compatible connectors?

Задавает BG861751254 на 2021-10-16 07:28:05

Gugman Yes it is the same type of connector a Deans T Plug style. But can the model fit the battery inside it is aother thing altogether. This battery is 115mm Long by 35mm Wide and 17mm High. If you can fit that size battery inside the model it should not be a problem at all.

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Gugman You would probably need a 13T pinion gear as the mount can fit the motor but has no room for adjustment. You could just get the WLtoys A959 that only does 40kmh and save time with trying to change the 144001. If that is to fast the A959A model only does about 25 to 30kmh where the A959B models do 60kmh like the 144001. They all have the same parts and spares that are exactly the same available as it is only their motors that are different size.

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Q: Can you drive in snow?

Задавает BG471638221 на 2021-09-13 09:03:05

Gugman You would need wider wheels and different tyres plus a larger diameter to give it a higher ground clearance. The snow would have to be hard packed and 1 inch at most. The tyres on it are more suited for carpet or a dirt track only.

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Q: When is it going to be released?

Задавает BG355431211 на 2020-10-30 10:23:59

Gugman If you mean the 124019 it has been available for a long time. If it is the brushless 124017 you are after they have just been released and available now. Look around at all sellers as the prices vary by a huge amount plus the shipping costs do too.

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Q: What is the peek current?

Задавает Vignesh_R на 2021-10-03 12:34:16

Gugman They are good for a 2S 7.4v lipo battery and most will burnout on a 3S 11.1v battery. Some people have run them and the ESC Receiver fine on 3S while most have just instantly burntout. Being a brushed motor they wear out after a while and they do not have replacement parts for them to be fixed which is not that great.

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Q: a quantos carro na coleção eu encontrei 2 existe mais algum?

Задавает estouaqui на 2020-10-23 08:37:54

Gugman There are several. That one pictured is the 124019 there is also a 124018 and 144001 all using a brushed motor. They have just released 2 new brushless versions a 124016 and 124017 that all use the same parts except for the electrics. Then there is a 104001. The first 2 numbers is the scale size of the cars like 10 scale, 12 scale, and 14 scale. The 2nd 2 numbers is the motor size usually a 540 sized motor. There are also some 18 scale and 28 scale cars you can get. I have the A959, A959B and a A979B that are 18 scale and the ones that have B after the number have bigger motors and they do 60KMH. Then I got a couple 28 scale K989 that have rally tyres. There is a drift version the K969. Now here is a list of cars you can get. 28 scale cars K969 K979 K989 K999 P929 P939 18 scale cars A949 A959A A959 A959B A969A A969 A969B A979A A979 A979B A979A A979 A979B The cars that have A after the number are the slowest range and do about 25 to 30KMH. The cars without a letter after the number do 40KMH. The ones that have B after the number are over powered little monsters that do 60KMH and great off road but on road will flip easily when trying to turn at full speed. 14 scale car is the 144001 12 scale cars 124018 124019 both brushed motor systems. 124016 124017 just released brushless motor systems. 10 scale cars 104001 104009 Then there are several others on Banggood just type WLtoys RC Cars in the search and you will find these

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Q: does this have a slipper system

Задавает BG194751365 на 2021-02-24 05:11:03

Gugman No.It only use a pinion and spur gear with differential gears.

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Q: Do you have only white colors?

Задавает BG183753141 на 2021-10-06 10:04:34

Gugman I got the White only but there is a choice of RGB, Warm White and White.

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