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Q: How long to inflate tire and what is volume toimflate

Задавает tomnickel на 2021-11-20 10:01:01

baronenero65 I hope I never know how to tell you ;-) anyway I think it takes 5 minutes to inflate them and I can't tell you how fast

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Q: is that possible for 10 inches tablet ?

Задавает BG162054224 на 2021-10-05 11:22:52

baronenero65 Lunghezza 17 cm (6,69 ' ) Altezza 34 centimetri (13,38 '' ) Larghezza 8 cm (3,15" )

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Q: Sirve para México? Y trae para aplicaciones dobles?por ser doble sim?

Задавает BG442112212 на 2021-07-08 06:01:17

baronenero65 El mío es global, en mi caso se aplica a Europa, no sé si también se aplica a México, es dual sim y aplicaciones duales no tengo ni idea de cómo las considera el móvil, solo uso una sim.

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Q: how many times gets security updates or android upgrades ?

Задавает admon на 2021-06-26 11:43:08

baronenero65 as for the other phones in my possession there is no date or limit to updates, those on security and the system update them every time they ask me, those of the applications when they no longer work, so I do not clog the phone.

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Q: A Saída estéreo?

Задавает Arthur_00 на 2021-06-15 11:40:26

baronenero65 nonlo so, non era per me, era un regalo x un amico

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baronenero65 maybeyou didn't read that right before buying the TV, it was written that there are two versions, the one with netflix and the one without, I also bought the TV without netflix but I didn't care, unfortunately you are right about the language, I also found myself Russian and after a few hours of work I was able to configure it in my language

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