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fiercetatsu I’d recommend getting any 2s (7.4 volt) Lipo battery the stock battery is a li-on so you’re getting less speed and power out of the stock battery, this car can also go 3s (11.1volts) which is a easy 30mph+ as I usually run it on but you might wanna get a new body for it and some new body mounts for the rear end for that

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fiercetatsu The two blue knobs are for additional channels that plug-in the receiver under the knobs it will say Ch5 and 6 all it is is a spare function for anything you want like rotating a FPV cam or if you have a tank cannon you can turn that around with one and raise it up and down with the other, another example is if you have lights that can be brightened or dimmed you can control how bright they are with that since it’s on a knob

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Q: what scale is this ?

Задавает fiercetatsu на 2021-08-06 08:26:29

BG009191614 Hi. This is for 1|16 size car. The motor is a 2435. Which is the diameter (24) and length (35) of the motor in millimeters.

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