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Q: Seriously guys! When can we get parts? This is becoming a joke!

Задавает BG501312122 на 2021-11-05 05:45:51

The seller Sorry for waiting long time,search f22a parts then you can find the available parts,thanks for your support

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Q: Need part URGENT!!! When will they be ready? I’m getting bored 😩

Задавает BG501312122 на 2021-10-18 04:15:26

salundy I also need spare parts. The axle on the drive shaft is broken. There is the threaded bolt mit wheel nut has broken off. Its not important to get spare parts in european regions, but in general.

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Q: It’s now November! Are the parts ready???

Задавает BG501312122 на 2021-11-02 03:03:53

BG141114154 Idont think so, but manufacture is working on the parts.

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