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Q: works with spektrum

Задавает BG561516380 на 2020-06-06 11:10:38

bikinidan Works with any receiver with PWM outputs. 4-pin plug to AETR outputs on receiver (you will need to re0order the plug wires if your receiver uses a different channel order) and 3-pin plug to channel 5 (flight mode) output on your receiver -, +, signal - again might need to use a different channel if your Rx uses say channel 6 for "flight mode."

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Q: este estabilizador lo puedo usar con receptor spektrum gracias

Задавает BG561516380 на 2020-07-06 06:42:15

Enchantedwas not sure

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BG561516380 I can use this stabilizer with a spektrum receiver

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