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BG113520512 of course, but you need either choose with frsky or get your favourite receiver

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Q: will this work well with a 6" frame

Задавает BG734115312 на 2021-06-10 10:21:09

BG113520512 might with 6" lightweight, for regular 6" 40A might not be enough, I'd go with 50A or even 75A

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Q: Can i use the Radiomaster tx12 Without any extra modules?

Задавает BG481661425 на 2021-12-17 10:42:39

BG113520512 only for frsky version. But get elrs- it is worth every single euro.

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Q: can a better receiver be fitted instead of the crap spi ones?

Задавает Ammar81 на 2021-09-12 07:22:37

BG113520512 I think to install other Rx you will need either a pdb or you need to change the VTX. you have 2 free uarts (and led Pad) but you have no spare gnd or 5V pad. so you need e.g. other VTX, then you take camera 5V + gnd from the VTX so you have a spare power supply for the Rx. really complicated it gets if you wanna hook up a GPS as well. then you need a pdb or maybe there's a trick with buzz+ that I don't know yet

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BG113520512 yes batteriestrap is perfect for 4s 850, but that's the biggest it will carry with decent flight characteristics. so it would be smarter to have a strap that is a bit short for 850s so it would be mor suitable for the batteries that are actually used. I just wrapped a rubber band around all arms, so it forms a square underneath the quad, so if I use smaller batteriesi don't need to secure em with the strap. bit tricky to get the wrapping right.

Zedster 17/10/2021
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