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Q: Will these tracks fit the HBX Devastator?

Задавает FANNARBESTI на 2022-05-20 03:50:55

The seller No,these track wheels hex adpater is 3mm,hbx devastator 2098b car is 7mm,they cannot fit

2022-05-22 10:01:43
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Q: What is the top speed of this vehicle?

Задавает Fannar Þór Bergsson на 2020-04-17 05:34:31

ctiradv Odhad asi 15 km za hodinu.

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FANNARBESTI You need to rotate the small dial located above the throttle trigger, below the turning wheel, so it doesn´t go forwards or backwards automatically. Reset it to 0 so it stops moving on it´s own. If steering is a problem then you could try taking the car apart and see if the steering horn is adjusted properly... it´s very temperamental and fidgety, I have tried to fix this myself with mixed results on both my cars. It´s what you get for buying cheap RC racers I suppose... Mine run well but the steering isn´t perfect. Hope you get yours in working order. :)

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