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Q: spare props link?

Задавает luke95media на 2019-04-27 01:58:08

JohnM My Sailfly X came with the 1mm prop holes instead of the 1.5mm hole props also. I think they were planning on using the 1mm shafts but they were bending to easy so changed to 1.5mm shafts but did not change the prop hole size in the early packages. I am using my 2.5" GemFan 3 bladed props.

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Q: Is there any indication when there might ship?

Задавает Andras7 на 2018-09-13 06:23:43

JohnM it is now October 16th and the 15th has past. Any new estimate for when they will ship?

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BG642161619 cam mount is for hs1177 size and no 20mm stack will not fit without suitable adapter

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