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Q: can i Tun with 3s lipo 3000mah?

Задавает Rodo301 на 2021-05-07 06:24:56

RickyWittner yes and 4s too, but its harder on it. I have many videos with different batteries. PrettyRickyRC⚡⛽BS ,YT..

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Q: it's full proportional? and it is 4wd?

Задавает Rodo301 на 2020-07-11 10:11:00

BG452510404 The gas is kind of proportional, seems to be in steps. the steering is not proportional, it is 2 Wheel drive. I don't think 4 wheel drive would do this car much good, since it isn't that fast that it needs it, and it doesn't do well offroad, acceleration is also quite slow. so unless you want to mod the car it is more a toy or a small indoor slow racer(20km-h) but NOT a off-roader, drag racer, or speed racer. so it is 2WD, the grip of the tires is quite good however, the motor is just quite weak, it will only drift if you turn it in reverse while steering and not when normally steering, so if you want a car to ride-race inside-indoor at a speed of around 20km-h then this car is okay for that, steering is not proportional but doable due to the tires being quite good in grip, acceleration is slow to my standards(professional racing rc), however still quite doable-fast indoor on a flat surface, quite fast for a toy grade rc car.

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Q: tiene suspensión hidráulica?

Задавает Rodo301 на 2021-07-15 06:07:07

Daniel it does not

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Q: realmente es 4x4? y si tiene diferenciales?

Задавает Rodo301 на 2020-12-23 05:35:38

kostya1133 увы, только задние ведущие

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Q: what means 48 do?

Задавает Rodo301 на 2021-01-20 10:16:50

Berty 48DP is the gear teeth size to ensure compatibility with similar 48dp spur reduction gears

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Q: this fit to pxtoys 9302?

Задавает Rodo301 на 2021-01-09 06:13:34

E31 Ohh yeah

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Q: máx speed?

Задавает Rodo301 на 2020-07-28 11:44:50

BG183217411 Full details can be find in description.

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Q: the throttle is proportional?

Задавает Rodo301 на 2020-07-28 11:45:18

Mondegreen Not proportional control

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Q: it is really 4x4

Задавает Rodo301 на 2021-07-06 10:47:02

samcar68 its only an 2wD this car is hood so far but very cheap its very fragil

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Q: soporta 3s?

Задавает Rodo301 на 2021-09-03 05:44:30

BG181843981 works, but makes the car very twitchy

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Q: can I run with 3s batery?

Задавает Rodo301 на 2021-02-27 01:01:17

MidDudu recomendo que use o esc do 104001 pois ele aguenta melhor

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