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Q: is this hotswappable?

Задавает BG113320141 на 2021-05-29 11:32:20

PupZi what do you mean with"hotswappable"? Yes, you can swap device by pushing key combination. Or you simply put the USB cable in to your next. but you can't use USB an Bluetooth simultaneously. hope this helps 😉

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Q: Is it 5-12V as in the description, or 5-24V as on the product?

Задавает zebster на 2021-02-11 02:46:47

PupZi Well the mini LED Controller works from 5 to 24V. Unfortunately it passes the Voltage thru and your LEDs on the strip will probably die. You rather feed the mini Controller with the current of your LED Strip (mostly 5V) and add an additional power source if you like to supply a strip longer then ~3m. So you can operate your strip with a even brightness an above >3 Amps overall consumption. Guess this will help you, best zip

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Q: can I add security WiFi cameras?

Задавает BG451418214 на 2021-01-03 04:47:43

PupZi Hi there - Depends on your System. The sensors are relatively stupid. One can just sniff for the two Tags on the 433MHz spectrum. They fire twice. One tag is for opening (dis-positioning) and another tag for closing (repositioning). So it is up to you to fire a webcam or any other job.

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