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Q: Is it what it looks like in the picture? Are there mazes and balls?

Задавает BG511321744 на 2020-12-27 07:51:09

Mei_Day Everything is inside. But in the picture is 5x in size. They are really small and DEFINITELY NOT for small kids.

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Q: La sirena è dotata di marcatura CE o altra forma di certificazione?

Задавает gnngar на 2021-03-24 06:47:12

Mei_Day Φιλαράκι αν δεν γράψεις Αγγλικά μην περιμένεις απάντηση

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Q: Can you give me dimensions? Thank you.

Задавает BG414420757 на 2021-02-19 01:36:38

Mei_Day 190 x 129 x 66cm or 74.80 x 50.78 x 25.98inch. you are welcome

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Q: does it support european server?

Задавает anetosleo на 2021-08-01 03:09:38

Mei_Day No. I had European app and forced to switch to China in order to find and pair the device

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Q: I received it but where are the balls?

Задавает BG191850345 на 2021-04-18 04:20:25

chris8790 Balls are not included. it is written at the description

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Q: tem manual em português?

Задавает BG105514104 на 2021-05-16 09:20:33

chris8790 Γράψε στα αγγλικά και θα σου απαντήσω

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Q: Is this openline? Can I use this worldwide?

Задавает Steph на 2021-05-23 07:33:36

chris8790 Not sure what exactly you are asking but it is "GLOBAL VERSION". It works normally in Greece. Hope I helped

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