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balki This XZ cross milling table is OK for this price. No visible free play and it's OK for my DIY project. First order was lost during shipment and BG customer service sent me another one. From now on I using only EU Priority shipping option because I'm aware that during corona crisys quality free shipping is no more posible.

balki 21/09/2020
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Q: On my unit the headphone jack is dead. Any others have the same issue?

Задавает Delebel на 2020-04-20 08:20:39

balki On my headphone jack is also dead, but bigger issue is that output level is too low (800mV peak to peak). I saw that two resistors are added manualy next to output connector. Can you check on yours and share info? See my video on YT: Preamp BG issue

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