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Q: que nombre de la marca es

Задавает BG161854435 на 2020-08-07 02:29:17

NunoJoel Lo mismo de 1808 Falcon

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Q: qual a distancia do rádio controle ?

Задавает BG472425921 на 2020-08-04 10:06:10

NunoJoel 300 metros para a versão 5ghz

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Q: What about Picture/Video Stabilisator via Software?

Задавает stefanschoenberg на 2020-07-25 07:35:51

NunoJoel If u pay attention at end of clip in Oficial vídeo of Eachine on YouTube, it shows (Eachine EX5 Mini) ..... So this One won't be the true sucessor of EX4... Tricky move... Another EX5 would pop for sure to replace EX4 , moreover both app and radio Control look same has Eachine E520s ... so for this price range for sure there is right now more attractive options to review like new Jjrc X16 or even the New 1906 Drone that seems a evolution of Falcon 1808~

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Q: The previous model (Ex4) was equipped with a gimbal. Does this model have one?

Задавает BG542239388 на 2020-07-16 08:24:24

NunoJoel From the looks it seems a downgrade of Ex4.... This One takes pics at 8mpx on Ex4 you take 12mpx Ex4 had gimbal this One seems at most a mechanical 2axis One ....

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