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Dabad I'm surprised that you were able to get it shipped. I gave up after numerous attempts to buy a frame and then delays of 3months before they cancel my order. so congrats to even getting one sent to Aus

BG2451324 02/04/2023
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Dabad Whensearching for tyres for these type of scooter use tyre measurement specs listed on tyre eg 90/60 6.5 11" inch tyre.

BG131424510 23/08/2021
Wonderful scooter that allows you to discover places like no other machine can do... These are mine findings after 500km: Delivery: - 2 months for CN to Slovakia - broken turn signal, but banggood sent me the replacement immediately (perfect!!!, thanks!!!) Construction: - kickstand is hitting the body when riding, I needed to stick some protection not to damaging the metal body. - be ready for very heavy scooter but with extreme power (I usually use the eco mode to limit it) - wide tires are awesome, very stable, but I'm worrying about the future when this is not the standard... - it requires basic mechanical skills to repair the flat tire. Pros: - enormously powerful, turbo + dual is more suitable for racing than terrain riding - exceptionally long range - we are riding on gravel and dirt roads mixed with paved. 4 hours riding time means 60 km for us and I didn't spend more than half of the battery. - wide tires give huge amount of stability and performance Cons: - too much power for rough terrain, unable to gently work with the throttle - too heavy, I'm not able to load it to the trunk on my own or take it upstairs - non-standard wide tires make me headache. Few weeks brake in riding because only banggood provides spare inner and outer tire. Unable to find it anywhere nearby. And no off-road tires in listings is also today a big problem for me. Summary: - wonderful scooter, extremely long range and very high top speed you will probably just test but never use in real scenarios - be sure you will not carry it frequently - so much fun for me, especially if you are riding with someone. I've completely replaced bike for this monster and every ride is THE experience especially here in the forests, fields, trails and outdoors of Slovakia. It's like designed for this country ;-) . Note: you can see the difference between es19 and es18 on some photos.
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Q: why does something come up as 4.99 and then you go to but it it says 1599

Задавает sisukissa на 2022-05-03 08:39:36

Dabad I get emails that say one price I click the link and it's a totally different price and always more expensive. If they tried this within Australia they'd be shut down by the ACCC

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Dabad nutt hydraulic brakes for electric scooters will work I am doing a custom build and had to order from Ali hydraulic cable length needs 230 mm for rear. there is a kit including front and rear electric brake by nutt. I then contact them and send pic of the scooter. it's also a langfeite or Jue Shuai and other. so they can definitely be bought from Ali.. good luck. I tried twice with these guys. never got my frame twice... got money back but they are pretty dodgy here. I got my frame for way less on Ali too. so they stuff around and end up saving me money in long run. good luck on brake search..

BG752654383 26/01/2021
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Q: how many cells in battery pack?

Задавает Dabad на 2020-11-08 03:45:00

Giuseppe Non saprei deve contattare il venditore per questo dubbio

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Q: Is the tip of the tool GROUNDED?

Задавает PC317 на 2021-03-31 01:19:52


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