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Q: how do I bind the reciever

Задавает nlhier на 2021-10-21 03:42:35

TerminatorGAP Use the supplied jumper and stick in one of the channels of the receiver. Read the manual so you know which channel

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nlhier maybe a more light weight battery will help it can make a big difference

BG013015146 29/12/2021
Flies like a brick! It was fun to build but it feels underpowered. I'm a beginner so take this with a grain of salt. I got the version with servos and receiver. Components seem to work fine: servos are good, the receiver is excellent (got the dsmx 2), the brushed motor seems OK, the illustrations on the foam board look cool. Put together with 400mah battery the build weights 43 grams (35 grams w/o battery). But it doesn't fly! After the initial hand throw with full throttle against the wind, the plane flies for about 10 meters, losing momentum along the way, and then stalls. The kit included two propellers but one is CW and the other is CCW, so after breaking the CW prop (which matched the direction of the motor), I had to invert the polarity of the motor to run it CCW and then I broke the CCW prop too. I tried using a gws 6030 prop with a prop saver but that prop eventually broke too after many failed hand throws. By using the 6030 prop the motor ran super hot and melted the hot glue that was holding the motor in place, so I gave up with bigger props than the stock 65mm props. I did have fun building the hurricane but overall it's been a disappointment. Compared to a Volantex Trojan that I have, they are about the same size, the Trojan comes with a gearbox, the Trojan weights 45 grams w/o battery, I fly it with a 400mah battery (8grams) and the thrust the Trojan produces makes it very responsive, I've never had it stall like the hurricane does. I wish the hurricane produced a comparable amount of thrust but you can tell by holding the hurricane and flying it that the hurricane delivers nowhere near the thrust the Trojan does. :(
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nlhier 21/12/2021
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nlhier 12/04/2022
im just speechless. I have always flown the wizard x220s frame. I put some upgrades and tunes on it but has never flown very good. now it just fly's almost Perfect on the stock tune. it handles well, doesn't flick at fast speeds, it sounds way better because on the wizard it sounded like the motors where broken, The video range/quality is better, it's definatly much much stronger. I could bend the arms on my wizard but on this would be impossible for the avarage person at least. the qwuality of this thing is amazing. I have almost no complants just 3 things. I wish the battery pad could be shoved more forwards because i don't have that much battery lead to connect it without in danger of cutting wires. Sure I could but the battery pad cut outs are meant for one possison. second of all I really liked my 2.5mm lens foxeer falkor V2 camera but it does not fit. you have to get a micro camera fitted. for the last thing the plastic antena holders I feel like they are too close to the propelers. Especialy when you have high pitched or high profile propellers. I am satisfied, here are my specs. These are the same specs i had on the Eachine Wizard X220S. I wish eachine still made the Lizard 95. Anyways here is the spec list. Proppelers: Dalprop Cyclone T5047C Motors: Emax Eco series 2306 Esc's: Racestart PG30 30A 3-4s ×4 Flightcontroler: Matek Systems F405-SE Camera: Foxeer Razer Micro Reciever: Flit10 2.4ghz 10ch Micro telemetry (Flysky protocol) VTX: Rush Tank II V2 Ultimate Video antenna: Foxeer Lolipop V2, lumineer AXII Stubby, GepRc tripple feed patch-1. Beteflight Stock 10.8.0 tune
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