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SonofNel 27/05/2020
To start, the product fits and secures snugly in my 0xa tool post. The dovetails are well machined and polished, they even took extra time to chamfer the 90° edges and corners that could be uncomfortable when holding it & tightening a tool piece into the holder. ( Nice Job ) I tossed in a comparison piece and covered the brand name because its not important. You will notice the much more expensive 250-001 tool holder (blue tape) did not take the time to chamfer edges and inside the Dado where your tooling will rest the back is not polished and left ruff. They did however also paint/anodize the inside of the Dado. Personally I like the polished metal over more anodizing it does leave more surface exposed and possible damage can take place if you don't take care of the bare surfaces. That part will be a personal preference. Now for a couple small dislikes. The depth from front to back on the more expensive tool holder is 19.98mm the new units are 19.22 it is small but was noticeable without even measuring. I am not sure if the 0.76mm will effect the over all rigidness, or maybe lead to bending dovetails later down the road. I really hope not and would reach out to the manufacturer if an issue came up. The second issue is with the Bottom shelf of the Dado. My original Tool holder has a shelf thickness of 4mm. and the new units have a shelf thickness of 3.82. yes it is small 0.18mm. and this being one of the thinner portions of the tool holder I really wood have liked to see that at full thickness 4mm. Time will tell as I am a chronic over tightener, if the shelf will bend as I tighten the tooling secure screws, or if vibration or chatter over time will weak it to a failing point. The cost was great they arrived early, slightly under packaged for any type of impact damage that could take place in my opinion but they were well oiled and protected from moisture threats.
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Obnubilate https://www.banggood.com/Machifit-250-000-Cuniform-GIB-Type-Quick-Change-Tools-Kit-Tool-Post-250-001-010-Tool-Holder-for-Lathe-Tools-p-1434251.html?cur_warehouse=CN&ID=515569&rmmds=detail-top-buytogether-auto&trace_id=ab861643333551707

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Q: How big are the tool holders in inches?

Задавает BG535639455 на 2020-11-26 08:38:19

SonofNel 12mm = 0.472" 100mm = 3.937" 150mm = 5.905" 160mm = 6.299" Hope that helps.

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SonofNel The description will match the or ordering number with the specific Item# hope this helps take care. Type-Item# 0_250-000 01_250-001 02_250-002 04_250-004 05_250-005 07_250-007 10_250-010

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