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Q: Number of holes, distance between them and diameter for 800mm T-slot Track?

Задавает bringho на 2021-01-04 01:42:13

BG485749112 Fiveholes on 800mm, Approx 30mm from the sides and 185mm heart to heart between the holes. The one I bought is 30mm broad and 12,8mm high

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Q: is it compatible with pc?

Задавает BG411043824 на 2021-01-01 07:44:20

bringho Mine does work with my PS 3 but I bought it to use it with my PC and my 64-bit Windows 10 does NOT recognise the dongle, no driver is foundSo the answer as far as I kow is a BIG NO even though the instructions states that it should work with the PC as well...

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