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Q: How long does the batteries works after charging it? And how heavy is this?

Задавает Shierene на 2021-08-15 08:20:46

Peter200771 the batteries will Work Long Time guess 2 weeks or more coz you Not use IT all the time and IT has a Automatic Off Feature which Turns Off your device. the weight is a little above 240 gramms ITS Not a light weight but Wirth the Money

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Q: is IT possible to Change the battery 🔋 how many mAh dies ist has

Задавает Peter на 2021-07-19 01:58:32

Joe The battery is soldered on to the circuit board inside the Tape Measure and is a 3.7 volt, 180mA Lithium polymer battery. You probably could replace it, but you would need to solder it in yourself. Hope that this helps you.

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