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Q: can I use western digital sn523 ?

Задавает BG368331216 на 2022-02-08 08:18:56

TheMadMunk Only the SN530 works this is because the NVME has to be a 4.0 4x2 configuration and there are only 2 known NVME drives that fit that spec the one made by Seagate in the OEM upgrade and the WD SN530 if you can find another 4x2 lane configuration card it should also work.

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TheMadMunk Yes you can pro tip for best mounting remove one of the grommets at the top for cable management. Then use the through a hole mounting system that comes with the stand. place a pice of felt on the bottom side mounting plate so not to mar the finsh on the under side of the desk if your picky. Then enjoy your very sold mounted stand.

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Q: HP Omen 32 (W9S97AA) monitör does it support ? please reply quickly?

Задавает BG151946104 на 2020-09-04 12:59:30

TheMadMunk Based on the size and weight of your display I would say yes I have a 32 samsung display on it and it supports it just fine.

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Q: hello do the feet light up in led? thank you

Задавает BG123741610 на 2020-12-06 12:37:48

TheMadMunk The feet do not light up the Legs do and the top sides if the desk top. The lighting then goes down the side of the legs.

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Q: Is the mouse pad high quality?

Задавает BG141240347 на 2022-02-20 09:38:07

TheMadMunk The mouse pad is on par with most retail pads the quality is that of a Razer pad or Corsair. I have both brands and have compared them to it. As most state it does seem to attract dust and dirt I have found the best solution for that is just a good old fashioned lint roller the tape kind works wonders just keep one on the desk. Works great with all forms of mice from the Logitech G502 hero to a HP MDX gaming to even the cheap wireless gaming mice on this site. All track great even at 10k+ DPI and glide perfectly.

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Q: ¿ que es lo que puede traer de los componentes?

Задавает BG241554404 на 2022-01-22 08:23:13

TheMadMunk well so far with 2 of them got the same thing twice the Blitzwolf USB DVD writer drive

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