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Q: why can’t I find the exact battery sold with the car ? I would like extra batteries

Задавает studlyhungwell на 2019-11-13 11:54:38

Jonosouth me too

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Q: is this work in bicycle?

Задавает BG408822334 на 2020-07-23 05:44:05

studlyhungwell I have it on my electric bike but you ll need a power source for it to work !

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Q: is it ok to use a 500 mah 7.4 2s lipo with this ?

Задавает studlyhungwell на 2019-11-16 11:09:24

Joshvdale yes

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Q: need to see more pics of the actual body of this doll ! is it flexable

Задавает studlyhungwell на 2021-04-11 08:20:21

The seller Thank you for your inquiry. If we cannot reply to your question in time, please contact our online customer service, we will solve your question as soon as possible.

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