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ceceljoeh 2016-07-28 13:48:18
This supply voltage output, as supplied, can be adjusted with a small trim pot next to the Input/Output terminal strip. The adjustment range is from 13-28Vdc. The supply will hold output voltage within 1/10 of a volt unless the load begins to exceed it’s capacity, at which time it will begin to reduce output voltage to limit the output power and protect the internal electronics. The cooling fan increases cooling in response to the load and doesn’t run with no or light loads. I have three of these supplies, and have modified one to use as a multi-purpose bench supply. I equipped it with a small LED Voltage readout, and replaced the voltage trim pot with a larger panel mount Potentiometer. The original trim pot was a 2.5kohm pot. The one I replaced it with is a 10kohm unit, selected to try to reach a lower minimum voltage and provide a “finer” adjustment than the original trim pot. With that modification the supply works reliably down to a setting of 7.5 volts. below that the output drops out on a low voltage cutoff, and the input power must be cycled off and back on to clear the fault. Along with use as a bench supply, I use this supply to provide periodic Float and Equalize charge maintenance for several Lead acid batteries I use, including a 12volt 1400AH battery string used for storing energy from Solar panels and Wind generators. In this application, this supply behaves very well. When input power is interrupted with a battery connected to the output, there is no problem. When input power is restored it goes right back to what it was doing. Many DC Power supplies will not do this properly. It is definitely capable of delivering 360 watts at 24Vdc and with no load connected the AC input power is only 6 watts. (input power measurements using a P3 kill-o-watt power meter) As mentioned it has current limiting control so it will reduce output as necessary to not exceed it’s output capacity. It is an amazingly capable, efficient, well protected, light weight power supply “building block” at an unbelievable price.
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